Visiting The Caves on "Faraway" Boat 

Departing from the São Francisco de Portimão convent, sailing along the Algarve coast, with the possibility of seeing the Silves castle on the way up the Rio Arade, depending on the level of the sea, a wonderful option to see the natural habitat of migratory birds. 

The most recommended of our team is the tour to the Benagil Cave, which consists of a two-hour tour is the most sought after


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Primeiro serviço

09:00 am             as               11:00 am


Segundo serviço

11:30 am               as              13:30 pm


Terceiro serviço

15:00 pm              as             17:00pm



Convento São Francisco

Barco Faraway

Estr. da Rocha 4-22, 8500-512 Portimão

+351 925 449 870

Nuno Petreques


Faraway Boat 

It is a vessel prepared for sightseeing tours, in order to satisfy the needs of our customers providing comfort, safety and adventure. we visited the main caves to Benagil. We also offer sightseeing tours to Silves to visit the castle of Silves along the River Arade. Departing from Portimão (Convento São Francisco) to Benagil or from Portimão to the walls of Silves which happen depending on the tides