Galeria Faraway Silves


On board the Faraway boat, it is the best option to go to Silves. The route includes a visit to Silves, which belongs to the council of Lagoa. Discover the Arade River on board a vessel with all the comfort and quality you deserve, you can enjoy a pleasant moment of socializing with friends, family or to meet people. Arade River: Also popularly known as "O Rio de Silves", on its banks there are several water courses and urbanized areas, between fauna and flora, in some moments it is possible to see groups of herons, storks and other species of migratory birds, on the way you can see the Clube Naval de Silves. The Arade River is a river full of life, with green banks and blue skies. A river with a wild landscape that surprises everyone. Arriving in Silves, the visit allows you to admire the Castle of Silves, where in the month of August happens the Medieval Fair of Silves or go to a local restaurant. To get to know the river, it is necessary to book in advance, as it is only possible to sail with the tide level (high tide). 

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