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Explore Benagil Cave and the wild beaches


Prices To Benagil:

"Alegria" Boat 3Hours

Adults                                   25€

Children                              10€

4 To 12 Years Old

Babys                                    Free


"Alegria" 3 Hours Trip

10:00am                    to       13:00pm         Morning

14:00pm                    to       17:00pm         Afternoon

18:00pm                    to       21:00pm         Sunset

Cais Vasco da Gama

"Faraway" 2Hours

Adults                                    30€

Children                                15€

 Under 12 Years Old                 


"Faraway" 2 Hours Trip

9:00am                  to       11:00pm                 Morning    

11:00am                 to       13:00pm                Afternoon   

14:00pm                to       16:00pm                Afternoon

16:00pm                to       18:00pm                Afternoon

Cais do Convento de São Francisco

Description of our trips:

"Alegria" Boat Sailing on is a relax trip. We depart from "vasco da gama" pier near the naval club of Portimão, travelling from the "Arade" River to see Benagil cave. "Alegria"is a big boat with WC, bar(including a free drink) and shade covering 70% of the boat. This trip is recommended for groups, families or anyone who wants to spend half a day at sea and have a swim.

Sea you soon! :-)

"Faraway" Boat We offer a 2 hour trip on this boat with a capacity for 12 people, you can share this boat on trip or book the full boat just for you. We depart from the naval club of Portimão on the pier near the covent"São Francisco" by the river. On this trip we explore the deep of the grottos viewing  it´s wonder. Sailing on this boat is exciting as we go a little bit faster and close to all the grottos.

Sea you soon! :-)

For more information please contact us:


Phone: +351 925 449 870/+351 963 451 215